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CAROL BAXTER is an acclaimed yoga teacher, speaker, energy healer and mind-body wellness coach known for her passionate teaching style and bold leadership. Over her 15-year teaching career, Carol has inspired thousands of women and men to transform their lives using a unique blend of yoga, free-form body movement, meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), Shamanic practices and her groundbreaking Tribal Trance Flow — a sacred journey into creativity, manifestation and true freedom. Featured by national and international media outlets, Carol is the owner of the top-rated Glow Yoga and Wellness Studios and has chosen to use her status to bring awareness and support to women and children fleeing abusive situations. Her one-of-a-kind Illuminated Teacher-Training program, which focuses on cultivating presence, connection, self-expression and the powerful practice of embodiment, has helped shape accomplished yogis since 2013. In a culture fostered by community, Carol elevates her students on a journey of self-discovery where they learn the confidence and achieve the freedom to walk their destiny. She is also creator of the wildly popular Return to Spirit yoga retreats and the Glow Yoga Academy, a global online community for yoga, meditation and more. In 2019, Carol published her first book, The Confidence Project; an interactive journal and online program designed to empower individuals to live their best life.

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