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the confidence project

An Empowering Journey into a New You

Meet Carol

Helping women regain self-confidence, restore balance, and live from their soul.


For over a decade, Carol has helped thousands of women transform their lives with a unique blend of yoga, free form body movement, meditation and visualization techniques, and tapping (EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique).


Carol's own journey began with a simple realization that something was off. That realization led to her first yoga class, which in turn led to a whole lot of reflection and self-work, and eventually a major shift in her career and lifestyle. Today,  Carol Baxter is a speaker, owner of the top-rated Glow Yoga Wellness Studios, author, Yoga Teacher Training facilitator, transformational life coach, and television host of the Glow Wellness Show. 


Carol uses her own personal experience combined with her years of training in yoga and healing modalities to help women realize what she discovered so many yoga classes ago: When we begin to invest in ourselves, we discover that anything is possible.

Programs & Media

Learn from Carol

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The Glow Wellness Show
Daily television show featuring stress management techniques
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The Confidence Project is an interactive journal and online program designed to empower YOU to live your best life. Featuring a combination of personal narrative, reflective journaling prompts, practical tools and exercises, guided meditations, and more, this journal and program will help you come into your best self. 

Press & Testimonials

“I am grateful to Carol for her kindness, compassion and sharing her knowledge of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) so that I can apply these techniques to my everyday life."

 - Leigh Anne Bonnetta-Andrew

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