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7 Days to Reinvention: Online Program

Are you looking for a new way to recharge your body, mind, and spirit? Do you feel that there is little time in the day to dedicate to yourself and your overall well being? Are your stress levels past your point of comfort?


7 Days to Reinvention is a program designed to ignite and empower you on a physical, mental, and soul level. It is truly amazing what begins to happen when we start to move our body and connect our mind, body, and soul. We become mindful, present, and so much more stress-free. 7 Days to Reinvention will begin that journey and process.


We all have greatness inside of us that is asking to be seen and acknowledged. This program is designed to be simple and yet profoundly effective. It will strengthen your confidence and commitment to opening a door to the creation of a brand new you. Welcome a brand new you! 

7 Days to Reinvention is designed to improve the overall condition of your physical, mental, and spiritual health with...

Achievable Daily Yoga Practices

Breath Routines

Affirmations and Journal Work

What's Included?


  • Daily 25-minute yoga practices featuring information on each chakra

  • An understanding of the cosmic energy of each day of the week

  • Daily 5-minute restorative postures sent to your inbox

  • Daily chakra energy massage instructions 

  • Daily affirmations to strengthen your chakras 

  • A study portal with additional practices you can do to strengthen each chakra 

With 7 Days to Reinvention, look forward to the possibility of:


  • Strengthening the bodies defense system

  • Harmonizing the cardiovascular system

  • Better sleep

  • Relaxation and inner peace

  • Detoxifying and improving the function of internal organs

  • Strengthening the metabolism

  • Clarity of mind body and spirit

  • Recognition of one’s true purpose in life

  • And much more!

Each day of the program, we focus on and activate a different chakra. This promotes balance and inner growth while simultaneously creating space for positive life changes.


The practices learned through this program will help charge you with new energy and vitality, leaving you feeling more awake and refreshed with each passing day. You will begin to heal your body, mind, and spirit as this program is a foundation for movement and connection to your body, mind, and soul. It is designed to help you begin a daily routine to shift your way of living.



  • Being able to shift your mind, body, and spirit with simple techniques.

  • Giving yourself the gift of time and nourishment to begin to heal yourself on a soul level.

  • Developing a practice of daily tools to help manage daily stress.

  • Opening your mind, body, and soul to a new way of living.

  • Waking up with increased energy, purpose, and confidence!

Transformational Bonuses

Bonus 1: FREE Video – Building And Strengthening Your AURA

(Value $39)


This video gives you techniques to strengthen your aura, providing you with more daily energy, improved confidence, increased intuition, and a better sense of direction.


What is an Aura? The aura is an electromagnetic field that extends up to 5 feet in diameter around the body. Our auras are a protective energetic layer that can filter out negativity from those around us and from our environment.

The stronger our aura is, the healthier we are. The aura can become weak if we have excess stress, a lack of exercise, poor diet, or excess worry and anxiety.

Even for the healthiest individual, it is important to practice regular cleansing and strengthening of the auric field.


Practice the information shared in this video daily or a few times a week to continue to build and strengthen your energetic field.


The Building and Strengthening Your AURA video is a special gift for YOU with your purchase of 7 Days to Reinvention.

Bonus 2: Stress-Free Living Tips Video Series

(Value $29)


We all experience stress at some point in our lives. These are simple action tips you can to in 1 -3 minutes throughout your day to help you turn a stressed out moment around.


It is my gift to you with your purchase of the 7 Days to Reinvention Program.


You have the power to change and create your life. 


The 7 Days to Reinvention course will activate that process and help you begin a journey of transformation. This program will jump-start your dream life and I cannot wait to get started together! 

Join 7 Days to Reinvention

Begin to heal your Body, Mind, and Spirit


$149 CAD

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