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About Me

BA Health Sciences, RYT 500, Transformational Life Coach, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, Shamanic Practitoner, Speaker, Television Host, and Author.


As a yoga teacher, energy healer, and student of different energy modalities for over 10 years, Carol thrives on continuous education from a variety of yoga disciplines and healing modalities. Carol focuses on the theme of presence, connection, self-expression, and the powerful practice of embodiment. When working with Carol, expect to be taken on a journey of self-discovery and be given the freedom and confidence to express who you really are. 



My Story

In 2006, I had what many would call a perfect life. I had a successful career, home, and lifestyle. However, on the inside, I was feeling less and less connected with myself. Outwardly I excelled in corporate sales for a decade, achieving success and recognition for my results. However, inwardly, I was falling apart.

I began to turn to anything I could to help distract myself from what was really happening inside of my heart and soul. Deep down I didn’t like my career. It was filling time and providing me with all of the material aspects I needed, but it was also widening the gap between myself and my spiritual heart. 


Soon, my body began to show signs of its unhappiness as my stress levels mounted and panic attacks began to take their course. The crave inside of me for a significant change was very apparent. 


I was searching for spiritual fulfillment. Something that, at the time, I wasn’t sure how to reach. 



Ask and You Shall be Shown

As the feeling of disconnection deepened inside me, I started talking to the universe. Yes, it may sound crazy, but this is what I did. One night, before bed, I asked to be shown what I was supposed to do with my life as I knew I needed to make positive changes. I was yearning to feel better inside. I wanted to feel happy, balanced, and fulfilled.

The next morning I was opening the newspaper an ad for a local Yoga Studio jumped out at me. I felt it was a sign and decided to immediately take a class.

I walked in not knowing; I walked out feeling pure elation and instant realization. Just one yoga class had given me the experience of connection, mindfulness, and balance that was missing from my life. 

The Balance and Instant Connection that I found was the Glow of my Soul


Yoga had such a profound, positive effect I quit my corporate sales job and I became a yoga teacher. I took courses from various industry leaders such as Baron Baptist, Seane Corn, and Shiva Rea. I have spent years consuming transformational material and courses, all in an effort to deepen my sharing with my students. Through this, I recognized other women were feeling the same way I had; unbalanced, unfulfilled, and there for everyone but themselves. I wanted to help them.


Today, as a mind-body wellness expert and a transformational life coach, I am blessed to be able to guide clients from experiencing stress and discontent to finding their own inherent blissful way of living! This is my passion, my life fulfillment, and my Soul Glow. Through my coaching method, I have helped thousands of woman access their Soul Glow.


My process is a unique blend of movement, meditation, visualization, and tapping (EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique). My work with each client is an exciting energetic partnership. Together, we create necessary shifts so that stress is released, new life skills are developed, and a master plan to reach your life goals is created and reached. We awaken the deeper inner glow of your soul and connection that is waiting to be brought to life.

Carol Baxter: More than Just a Speaker

For more than a decade, Carol has helped thousands of people learn to live stress-free, confidence, and meaningful lives.


Carol’s empowering workshops explore different ways to move and elevate your energy to begin to create the life you were meant to live. Carol Baxter is a transformational speaker teaching women who are stressed out and feeling unfulfilled unique techniques they can implement to relieve stress and awaken their self-confidence. Audience members, from business professionals to stay at home moms, walk away with practical techniques and tools they can implement right away.


A few of Carol's popular speaking topics...


  • How to Embrace Confidence and Live from Your Soul 

  • Stress-Free Living: Achieve Balance and Redesign Your Life

  • Everyday Tools to Alleviate Stress in the Workplace

  • Elevate Your Energy, Elevate Your Life!


Topics so that the audience can walk away learning...


  • How to Move From Chaos To Calm

  • How to Live an Authentic and Soul-Driven Life

  • How to Elevate Your Energy When You Are Feeling Drained

  • Simple Action Tips You Can Do to Reclaim Your Self-Confidence 



Why are Carol's talks so popular?


Far too many of us are disconnected from our soul. When this happens, it manifests as stress, confusion, or a general sense of discontent. These emotions, in turn, lead to physical and emotional ailments that range from heart disease or depression and everywhere in between. We often feel there is not much we can do to change this experience. 


Carol's talks help audience members realize that their life is in their own hands. She offers simple techniques and practices they can easily integrate into their daily lives that will help them discover self-confidence, remove stress, and live more authentically. Carol's simple tools help attendees lead from the soul and trust their inner wisdom in a way that facilitates a more peaceful and joyous life. 


Whether Carol is conducting workshops, retreats, or guest speaking at corporate events, she is inspiring and informative; she gives practical information attendees can implement right away and use in their daily lives! 

Shasta J

Carol was a guest speaker filled with knowledge, suggestions, and amazing insight!

Judy R

I would tell my family and friends to attend any session that Carol Baxter is speaking at! We could all use stress relief!

Jane D

I loved her talk! She gave me practical things I could use right away!

Sue H

Very helpful, I would tell my family and friends to try these tips because they work!

Kari S

Wow! Carol Baxter was great!

Lisa WA

I didn’t realize how breathing and tapping are so important to help the body slow down and process emotion. I can’t believe how much I have learned in one hour!

Laura W

Carol’s speaking session was relaxing, informative, and overall excellent!

Mandy H

I found the entire hour with Carol to be one of the most informative and knowledgeable talks I have ever heard.

Jane M

I’ve attended more than one of Carol’s talks. There is so much good information. I felt so much more relaxed after attending!

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