Kali Workshop

Burn What No Longer Serves You To Build Anew.

The entire world is in a state of upheaval and many of us are left on edge to wonder, what’s next? Well, my friends, ultimately that’s up to you. This global pandemic has forced us into isolation, and we can use this time in one of two ways—to become consumed by fear or to cultivate a new and radical form of love.

April 17th 2020

7:30 pm - 9pm

This is why I’ve created the Kali Workshop to help our community move through this shift.

The Hindu Goddess Kali at first glance seems only to destroy everything in her path.  In truth, Kali is better associated with changing the aspect of nature that brings things to life or death. With her incredible shakti (feminine) power, she rids the world of evil and that which no longer serves. She clears space to build anew. She provides an opportunity to start again.

She forces us to ask ourselves, “in this space created by destruction, how will we create a world that honours all beings?”

So friends, how do you want to emerge from this dark place? At our deepest core we, as a collective, know that the status quo doesn’t work. Take this time to go within—into the darkest shadows of your soul—and channel the powerful energy of Kali to clear, and in fact destroy, what no longer serves you. Re-emerge as the embodiment of how you wish you, and the world, could be—settled, peaceful, abundant, compassionate and connected.

Choose love over fear.