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online programs

Through my online programs, learn how to remove the blocks and barriers that keep you from living your ideal life. From the comfort of your own home, find more peace, passion, and fulfillment. In each program, we work to create  a connection of body and mind that achieves inner and outer balance, fulfillment in life purpose, and the discovery of your own personal ZEN- the ability to achieve and maintain inner calm and peace of mind. Through the understanding and continued practice of zen, we become open to possibilities we never could have imagined.

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    the confidence project

    The Confidence Project is a movement for women looking to reclaim their self-confidence. In this interactive journal and online program, Radine offers meditations, worksheets, yoga exercises, journal prompts and various practical tools designed to uncover the source of your insecurities. Discover how you can live your life as the fearless, confident, beautiful spirit you are and embark on a personal journey to find your confidence and live your best life.

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    glow yoga academy

    The Glow Yoga Academy is a global online community for yoga, meditation, sacred rituals, workshops and more! Members gain access to an exclusive mix of both live and pre-recorded classes including Vinyasa, Kundalini, Restorative, Beginner Flows, Gentle Flows and Meditation as well as entrance to our private Glow Yoga Academy Facebook Group. Join our growing community to start, continue or expand your practice with all the support and accountability of an in-person studio.

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    7 days to reinvention

    7 Days to Reinvention is a program designed to ignite and empower you on a physical, mental, and soul level. It is truly amazing what begins to happen when we start to move our body and connect our mind, body, and soul. We all have greatness inside of us that is asking to be seen and acknowledged. This program is designed to be simple and yet profoundly effective. It will strengthen your confidence and commitment to opening a door to the creation of a brand new you.

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    stress free living

    We all experience stress at some point in our lives, and while a low level of stress is actually healthy, excessive and/or ongoing stress can wreak havoc on our physical, mental and spiritual well--being.

    These are simple action tips that take anywhere from one to three minutes to help you turn a stressed out moment around.


transformative experiences

Experience a mix of kundalini, powerful breath work, yoga flow and new movement practices to open your mind, release your body, and free your soul.

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    tribal trance flow

    Moving between guided flow and free-form movement, this unique fusion of yoga and tribal dance offers a safe and sacred space to explore. Tribal Trance Flow is a journey into a five-dimensional reality; it is a limitless, boundary-free place in time and space where you can become anything.


    Explore how meditation, yoga flow movement, energetic breath work, shamanic drumming, and free-form body movement can help you move away from third-dimensional thought patterns. Free yourself of limiting beliefs and discover your true nature: infinite and divine.

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    shakti ignites retreats

    An exclusive opportunity to personally experience Radine's transformative teaching on a soul-quenching, rejuvenating yoga retreat.​ Return to Spirit is a chance for you to reflect, connect and explore deeper parts of you that are waiting to be discovered. Experience daily meditation, chakra balancing yoga, intention setting and community healing amidst the magical red rock mountains of Sedona, Arizona--widely considered one of the major power centres on earth.

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    free flow yoga on instagram

    Looking for a taste of Radine's teaching?
    Join her every Wednesday on IGTV for
    short classes that blend flow yoga, kundalini, and esoteric practices that are designed to boost your energy and creativity.

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    illuminated yoga

    teacher training

    Radine's yoga teacher training course is more than learning how to teach a yoga class. This course will take you on a journey of self discovery, help you connect with the higher frequencies of manifestation and
    abundance and become a leader on the wings of the current massive evolution we are all moving through.

    Learn how to create your reality, manifest your dreams, integrate your shadows, and watch your world change.

    This course is available both online and in person.

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a free guided meditation to clear your energy field

 We all need a set of tools to maintain peace and calm during difficult times. Think of this meditation as one of those go-to tools you can access anytime when life becomes challenging. It will help to clear stagnant energy from your magnetic field so you can start attracting more of what you love. So, kick off your shoes, snuggle into a cozy, safe space and let yourself drift away. You deserve to feel good, and the best part? This one's FREE!

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